Vegan Catering Packages

With the growing popularity of switching to a plant-based diet, we believe that there needs to be a great option available for all parties and events. More than just soggy vegetables on a plate with a side salad, we have put together an amazing display of vegan food that even meat-eater guests would enjoy. At Going Gourmet, our chefs have ensured quality of flavour, ingenious food combinations and next level service that your guests will notice. Our vegan meals do not disappoint with their array of options, which also would suit any dairy free, vegetarian or gluten free guests.

Our Vegan Options

We have 5 separate menus to choose from, which range from cool and hot canapes, entrées, mains and platters which are suitable to any event. All of our options are gourmet in nature, with rich flavours bursting in each plate delivered to you. We delve through Italian flavours with our risottos and pasta bakes, to Asian cuisine with our tempura, Vietnamese rice paper rolls, and noodle bowls. There is something that everyone will enjoy with our array of cuisines, and your vegan guests will thank you for finding a catering company with such an array of options compared to the one or two plate options they are used to.
Our team understand the vast difference between vegetarianism and veganism, and we ensure that there will be no cross-contamination with our food plates offered. We take allergens and food choices seriously, and ensure that every guest is comfortable knowing that the food they are consuming has no hidden repercussions. You will be able to have peace of mind while you enjoy your vegan meal, gluten free meal, or vegetarian meal at any catered event.
With so many options available to choose from, there will not be anyone disappointed. No matter if it is a mixed dietary requirements event, or a fully vegan function, there is something for every person on our menus.
To find out more today about the catering we have, including events we can cater to, please contact our exceptional team today. We pride ourselves on being able to fit any dietary requirement so all guests can enjoy any event. Please enquire for full menu lists from our friendly events team.



Sample Vegan Menus

Cool Canapés

Cool Vegan Canapés


sweet corn fritters, avocado guacamole & fresh lime (Vegan)

Vietnamese rice paper rolls, hoi sin sauce (Vegan) (GF)

cherry tomato, Turkish bread, fresh basil oil (Vegan)

grilled vegetable stack, Turkish bread, basil oil (Vegan)

hummus jars, vegetable dipping sticks (Vegan) (GF)

crudité’s w beetroot dip (Vegan) (GF)

sautéed olive jars, chilli & parsley oil (Vegan) (GF)

roasted carrot & cashew dip, green veggie sticks (Vegan) (GF)

5 bean salad mini jars (Vegan) (GF)

asparagus soldiers, tomato bisque (Vegan) (GF)

zucchini “Rollmops”, baby corn & vegan cheese (Vegan) (GF)

Greek dolmades, pine nuts, rice & herb filling (Vegan) (GF)




(All can be GF)

Small or Large sizes available


Gourmet Antipasto (Vegan)
grilled vegetables & shredded basil
chunky-style vegan dips, semi dried tomatoes, sautéed olives & lavosh

Going Gourmet Dips Platter (Vegan)
a trio of chunky-style dips, garnished with semi dried tomatoes, olives & lavosh


Hot Canapés

Hot Vegan Canapés


fried chickpea falafels, hummus, mint & lemon (Vegan) (GF)

grilled red & green pepper skewers, basil dipping sauce (Vegan) (GF)

tempura vegetables, zucchini, broccoli & cauliflower, “Agra Dolce” sweet & sour sauce (Vegan) (GF)

baked button mushrooms, filled w soy cheese, herbs & semi dried tomato (Vegan) (GF)

baked basil Turkish breads, soy cheese (Vegan)

sweet potato wedges, chickpea hummus (Vegan) (GF)

corn & coriander breads w chilli jam (Vegan)

potato wedges, avocado guacamole (Vegan) (GF)

chef-made fried Vietnamese vegetable spring rolls, chilli jam (Vegan)



Vegan Entrées


Bruschetta (3) (Vegan)
pumpkin & basil, tomato & feta, avocado & corn salsa

Black Bean Crispy Taco’s (Vegan) (GF)
avocado guacamole, carrot salad

Spanish Potato & Red Pepper Bake (Vegan) (GF)
soy cheddar, basil & smokey paprika salt

 Corn & Coriander Fritters (Vegan)
tomato salsa, avocado guacamole, chilli & lime jam

Tomato Medley Salad (Vegan) (GF)
tomatoes and basil, garlic oil & rocket salad

Forest Mushrooms (Vegan) (GF)
sautéed medley of Australian mushrooms, celeriac puree, celery & macadamias

Risotto Pea Primavera (GF) (Vegan)
asparagus, sugar snap peas, tarragon, finished w vegan cheese (entree/main)

 Porcini Mushroom Risotto (GF) (Vegan)
sauteed swiss browns, riso arborio, truffle oil (entree/main)



Vegan Mains


Pasta Bake (Vegan) (can be GF)
basil oil, zucchini, tomatoes, topped w vegan cheddar

Baked Cauliflower & Cheese (Vegan) (can be GF)
baked w pasta, soy béchamel sauce & vegan cheese

Grilled Eggplant Parmigiana (Vegan) (can be GF)
layered with tomato napoli, soy béchamel, vegan cheese & basil

Risotto Pea Primavera (GF) (Vegan)
asparagus, sugar snap peas, tarragon, finished w vegan cheese (entree/main)

Moroccan Chickpea Tagine (GF) (Vegan)
chickpeas, tomato, pumpkin, spices, mint & puffed quinoa

 Porcini Mushroom Risotto (GF) (Vegan)
sauteed swiss browns, riso arborio, truffle oil (entree/main)

Sweet Potato & Green Rice Bowl (GF) (Vegan)
black beans, avocado guacamole, shoots & chilli

Crispy Corn Taco’s (Vegan) (GF)
black Beans, chilli beans, avocado auacamole, tomato salsa, carrot & lime

Vietnamese Bowl (Vegan) (GF)
noodles, smoked black pepper & garlic tea broth, crisp seasonal vegetables, fried tofu