Frequently Asked Questions

How do I lock in my booking to confirm the date?

  • A 25% deposit based on your most up-to-date or initial quotation is required to lock in Going Gourmet services.
  • Changing of dates may incur a fee or may be unavailable and should be discussed as soon as possible due to seasonal periods and high demand.

When are final details required?

  • All menu selections, required extra services, a running schedule and timings, an address and final numbers, are due and to be final 10 days prior to your event.
  • Any details requested following this may be  unable to be accommodated.
  • Any changes may incur a late notice fee and/or non-refundable costs.

When is final payment due?

  • Final payment is due 7 days prior to the event, this is non-negotiable, late payments can incur a late fee or cancellation of an event.
  • Business or personal invoices can be requested prior to the 7 days.

What equipment or space are we required to supply Going Gourmet on arrival to an event?

  • A bench/table/or production space.
  • An oven/BBQ depending on recommendations of numbers and menu selection. (can be hired as per event order pricing from Going Gourmet)
  • Adequate power sources – power outlet/generator 10AMP. (domestic)
  • Adequate shelter or lighting. (outdoor lights, roof/umbrellas/tent/marquee in extreme weather-rain, heat)
  • Fridge space if discussed or required.

Are there any travel fees, if so how much?

  • Travel fees are based on your location and how many vehicles are required for staff and equipment transport. (costs will be found in the totals area of your event order)

How long is my quote valid for?

  • Your quote is valid for 2 weeks or based on date availability.
  • The price per head is based on approx numbers provided on enquiry details or discussions and are valid between that number and minimum numbers required.
  • The per person price is subject to change if numbers drop below or rise above the initial numbers.