The Most Cheerful Birthday Party Catering In Melbourne And Country Victoria

Everyone gets older, and we all love getting to celebrate it with our friend and family (not to mention all the awesome presents you get!). But organising a party can be hard work, and that’s no fun at all. This is why we offer both adults and kids party catering throughout Melbourne, and we want to feed you and your guests.


Going Gourmet offers a wide range of birthday catering options to tailor your function. We create with you a menu that not only is of the finest quality, we ensure there is of quantity for everyone. We always pride ourselves in offering a diverse range of food that will suit everyone’s tastes, as well as little birthday catering extras such as sweet platters of petit fours – enjoy six different birthday cakes for the price of one! If you have something in mind, we listen and design it with you.


Have fun while impressing your guests with amazing food

The great advantage of using our fantastic birthday party catering is that we do all the work for you. You will be able to actually enjoy your birthday without having to worry too much about your guests, and if it’s for one of your kids, they won’t be wondering where their mummy or daddy are. You can spend quality time with your kids while they celebrate their birthday, or they celebrate yours.


Our birthday catering service will travel for you

No matter where you choose to hold your function, from the very heart of Melbourne or all the way out in the Mornington Peninsula, we take the hassle out of catering and are very self sufficient. Going Gourmet are proud to offer birthday catering Melbourne and Victoria wide by special appointment, and can travel to just about any function venue, providing a genuine gourmet alternative to other party catering services in Victoria. All we need is some kitchen space, and all we will leave behind (if you’re lucky!) are some yummy leftovers. Our staff are the friendliest and thrive at providing excellent service.


We understand that if there is something that is an allergy or dietary requirement, we create around it and never cease to amaze.


If you want to give yourself or one of your kids a birthday party to remember, then our fantastic catering service do just that. Our delicious food has made all of our clients happy and have continued to use us for other events. To book our services, please call (03) 9543 8810 or send us an email.