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6 All-Important Tips for Hiring the Best Caterer Even if You’re a Novice

One of the most crucial things in any kind of event planning is finding the best caterer. Even if you prepare lavish decorations, choose a grand venue and have the perfect presentation, if the food and the service aren’t great, everything else is negated. 

Choosing the best caterer can be confusing for someone who has never looked into it before. These tips are designed to point you in the right direction to hire the best caterer for your next event.


  1. Create a short list. It will make your search easier if you narrow your options at the onset. Recommendations from business associates and friends can help. You can augment that with online reviews. Benefit from the experience of the management of the events venue you have chosen. Request them to recommend good caterers they have used on previous occasions.


  1. Do an ocular inspection. This is crucial and should be done before you close the deal. Make an appointment to inspect the caterer’s premises. Check their kitchens for cleanliness and judge their staff’s attentiveness and professionalism. Watch out for red flags. If the kitchen is dirty and chaotic, it could mean that the catering staff has no interest and pride in their work.


  1. Check the menu selections. Review the specialties of the caterer and consider the menu options presented. Ensure that the caterer you choose is suitable to the type of event and services you need. See if they are flexible with menu ideas and discuss dietary restrictions some of your guests might have.


  1. Staff experience and availability. See to it that the caterer is able to supply all the staff depending on the nature and size of your event. You need a captain for the services to oversee everything, bar staff and the correct number of staff for sit down or buffet dinners.


  1. Menu tasting. The caterer should be willing to schedule menu tastings. This is done so that you can have a taste of the dishes to be served and approve them. Be sure that you can taste the flavours that you want. Although this is standard, you might have to pay for the menu sampling.


  1. Service cost. The final deciding factor in choosing a caterer is cost. Ensure that their quote covers the entire service. Find out if there are additional costs or hidden fees before you sign the contract.


Search for the best caterer with a definite plan. Use these tips as your guide but do rely on our instincts, too. Do not ignore even the slightest of red flags, as the caterer you choose becomes your representative during your event.