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Did someone say “new menu”?

What feels like a long time coming, the busy Chef’s at Going Gourmet have finished and perfected our new menu to present to you all! Catering menu’s require a different thought process to the usual restaurant menu – as unlike a restaurant we are never cooking in the same place! Our Chef’s don’t have the comfort of a familiar kitchen every weekend, instead we find ourselves inside our clients homes, new venues or even in the back paddock cooking under the stars!
2019 catering menu
This means our menu items need to be unique and adaptable – whilst still being beautiful and delicious.
With Executive Chef Owen O’Neill leading the charge, we have finalised the Spring Summer 2019/2020 Menu – offering a brand new spread of taste bud tantalising options! This comes with a bit of a new look for Going Gourmet exploring presentation styles and flavours that may not have been seen before through our previous menu’s up to this point. The core of what we do is fresh, handmade, good soul food. We are branching out in some new directions and ensuring that each dish still has the love and care that our product is known for.
This new menu will see more power given to the customer (you!) in selecting and creating your ideal package, allowing you to be able to create a journey for your own guests at your wedding, engagement, birthday or work event. We are bringing in flavours from some different cuisines and allowing our chef’s to show their flare in their own personal styles of cooking which will in turn take everyone on a culinary adventure at any event!
Some exciting new things we can share is the introduction of “hand held items” which are a larger canape option, and then “bowl food” options which are again, a step up offering a mini meal to be enjoyed whilst mingling and sipping on your wine at the same time.
To create, trial and roll out a new menu is a very detailed process, but that’s what we love about it! Every detail and every flavour needs to be just right so we can execute it in the hundreds for all your amazing events every weekend. The look, style, feel, taste, colour, texture and description of each item needs to be easy, yet exciting and we need to ensure there is enough variety to suit every taste bud out there. Then all items need to be paired with the perfect serving dish, photographed and documented so each of our talented chefs (over 20 of them!) knows exactly how each item should look when you select it for your own special event.
Then of course there is the taste testing – how else would we be able to describe and suggest our favourite items without trialing ALL of them first, it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.
The last step is then collating everything together in our brochure which allows you to browse all options at your leisure, understand the different pricing structure and choose what will suit your special occasion best.
We are very proud to have the new brochure up and running, and can’t wait to be cooking it for you some time soon.