Melbourne Drinks Catering and Mobile Bar Hire

When you have an important event or celebration planned, taking the extra step to ensure your guests are fully refreshed can make a big different to its success. Going Gourmet is the industry leader in drinks catering and mobile cocktail bars, offering first-class service backed up by years of experience.


We understand that every guest’s tastes are different, so from beer and wine to spirits and cocktails, the range of choices we have for you in our two drinks packages enables you to cater for all tastebuds. We’ve even taken care of glassware, staff and covered a whole range of juices, soft drinks and mineral waters. We also offer a mobile cocktail bar for Melbourne events to shake up the evening and give guests a delicious variety of flavours to try.


Providing the finest beverage catering at affordable prices


Beer: So many different beers to taste in the world, yet so little time…

At Going Gourmet, we know our beer. If you’re after a more modest and traditional selection of the amber nectar, the first package will surely tickle your fancy. For the more adventures ‘cold coffee’ connoisseurs, our second mobile bar package includes different Australian microbrews worth writing home about.


Wine: Whether you’re on team red or team white (or both), our selection of wines will impress the fussiest of guests. Within our first package offering you’ll select a total of three different labels of some of the finest wines bottled throughout Australia, while our second package allows four choices.


Additional Drinks: Sometimes, beer and wine just won’t cut it. Special occasions call for special drinks catering, so to make your event an unforgettable one, we’re proud to supply some added packages.


Spirits: When there’s an occasion that calls for it, our spirits package entails choosing two of the six different spirits we have available.


Cocktails: To add the icing on your event’s proverbial cake, we give you a choice between five tantalising, classic cocktails to be served for the first hour.


From soft drinks to mobile cocktails we take care of it all

Included in Going Gourmet’s first-class mobile bar and beverage catering in Melbourne is:

  • All glass and bar staff hire
  • All things frozen; ice and ice tubs
  • Jugs and water canisters
  • Even tables and their coverings
  • Cleaning

Our specially-trained and experienced bar staff will deliver the most premium service to you and your guests, ensuring the occasion goes as smoothly and hitch-free as possible. We’re here to make your life easy.

The primary focus for us at Going Gourmet is client satisfaction, and as such we approach each event and occasion with the highest level of professionalism and courtesy. Feel free to take a look at what some of our previous clients have to say about us on our testimonials page.

We are happy to provide you with a free quote for beverage catering and mobile cocktails in Melbourne — complete the form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Additionally, if you have any questions please call us on (03) 9543 8810 or send us an email. Otherwise, you can fill in our online enquiry form at the bottom of this page.





BEERS (choose two)

Corona, MEX    (4.6% Alc/Vol)
Crown Lager, AUS    (4.9% Alc/Vol)
Peroni, ITA    (4.7% Alc/Vol)
Victoria Bitter    (4.9 % Alc/Vol)
Carlton Draught  (4.6% Alc/Vol)
Cascade Light    (2.6% Alc/Vol)


WINES (choose three)



“Colours”, White Sauvignon Blanc, Rutherglen, 2014

“1st Hill”, Chardonnay 2012

“Colours”, Rose Rutherglen, VIC 2014

“Chirping Bird”, Moscato Mornington Peninsula 2011

“Estate” Moscato Rutherglen, VIC 2013

“1st Hill”, Sparkling White 2013

“Redden Bridge”, Sparkling Pinot Grigio, 2013



“1st Hill”, Shiraz 2012

“1st Hill”, Cab Sav 2013

 “Colours” Rutherglen Estate, Shiraz/Durif 2013

“Koch” Shiraz, Wrattonbully SA, 2013

“Vinrock”, Terra Mia Shiraz, 2014

“Vinrock”, Terra Mia Cab Sav 2014

“Koch” Cab Sav, Wrattonbully SA, 2013


Inclusive of Softs – A selection of soft drinks, mineral waters & juice





BEERS (choose two)

Hawkers Pale Ale    (5.2% Alc/Vol)

Hawkers Pilsner    (5.0% Alc/Vol)

Hawkers Saison    (5.0% Alc/Vol)

Little Creatures, Pale Ale    (5.2% Alc/Vol)

Asahi, JAP    (5.0% Alc/Vol)

Fat Yak, AUS    (4.7 % Alc/Vol)

Trummer Pils, GER    (5.1% Alc/Vol)

Corona, MEX    (4.6 % Alc/Vol)

Crown Lager, AUS    (4.9% Alc/Vol)

Peroni, ITA    (4.7% Alc/Vol)

Victoria Bitter    (4.9 % Alc/Vol)

Carlton Draught    (4.6% Alc/Vol)

Cascade Light    (2.6% Alc/Vol)


WINES (choose four)



“Clearwater”, Sauvignon Blanc, 2013 NZ

“Lou Miranda”, Chardonnay “Leone” 2012

“Lou Miranda”, Sauv Blanc “Leone”  – Adel Hills, 2013

“Sutherland Estate” Rose, 2013

“Wild Dog”  Rose, 2012

“D’Angelo Estates” Moscato, 2014

“D’Angelo Estate” Sparkling Blanc De Noir NV

“Louis Peridis” French Sparkling – FRANCE

“Lou Miranda”, Pinot Grigio “Leone” 2014

“Lou Miranda”, Sparkling Brut Prestige “Leone” NV SA



“Shades Of Pinot Noir”, Mornington Peninsula, 2013

“Rutherglen Estates”, Durif 2013

“Rutherglen Estates”, Tempranillo 2012

“Rutherglen Estates”, Shiraz, 2012

“Rutherglen Estates”, GSM (Burgoynes Block). 2013

“Lou Miranda”, Cabernet Sauvignon “Leone” 2012

“Redden Bridge Crossing” Cab Sauv, 2012

“Lou Miranda”, Shiraz “Leone” Barossa Valley, 2012  ***** 5 stars

“The Cups” Estate, Merlot, Mornington Peninsula, VIC 2006

“Montgomery’s Hill” Merlot, 2012

“Lou Miranda”, Merlot “Leone” Barossa Valley 2012

“Vinrock Grenache”, Shiraz, Mataro, SA 2013


Inclusive of Softs – a selection of soft drinks, mineral waters & juice




Add your favourite Spirits to your chosen package
Bundaberg Rum, Smirnoff Vodka, Tequila, Jack Daniels, Jonnie Walker, Bombay Saphire Gin


COCKTAILS – Choose one (1 Hour Service Only)
Mojito SPAIN        –         Caipirihna BRAZIL           –         Tequila Sunrise MEXICO
Cosmopolitans   –     Midori Melon   –       Kahlua Brave Bull


Here at Going Gourmet we include bar staff & all glass hire in all our beverage packages.
We also provide ice, ice tubs, bar utensils, jugs, water canisters, tables & coverings.
Our staff are there to make sure all your guests are well watered & to ensure smooth running of your chosen package. Our trained staff assist with running of your event & even clean as they go!

See our testimonials page for some great reviews