Going Gourmet Express

A Hot Meal Delivery Service for Melbourne

We would like to introduce this new service to Melbourne…”Going Gourmet Express” will now deliver hot, ready-made meals Melbourne-wide, with condiments, salads and warm sides.
Unlike our other professional catering services where we supply chefs and wait staff, this service is for delivery only and helps keep your costs down, while maintaining the quality and taste of our gourmet food.
We have designed platters for 8-10 adults and they are presented on disposable platters and/or foil trays. We also offer;

  • bread rolls & butter
  • high quality plastic plates
  • biodegradable cutlery
  • biodegradable napkins


2018 Express Menu

Hot Food Items

Hot Food Items


Slow Roasted Porterhouse Beef
6 hours slow roasted, carved to perfection

Rump Steak Roast
12 hours slow roasted, succulent & carved

Rolled Pork Legs
3 hours slow roasted, salted crackle

Butterflied Argentinian Lamb Leg Pieces
barbecued with our famous rosemary, thyme & garlic rub

Chicken Leg Pieces
Garlic & smokey paprika slow roasted chooks

Peri Peri Chicken Pieces
roasted in Portuguese spices, lemons & fresh coriander

Chicken Breast Supreme
lime, chilli, garlic & coriander

Maryland Chicken Pieces
“Salsa Verde” parsley dressing, grilled lemons

British Roasted Chicken
Baked Mirepoix of vegetables, sausage & toffee macadamia stuffing, pan juices

Vegetarian Eggplant Parmigiana
Grilled eggplant, layered with pasta, tomato napoli & basil

Gourmet Sausages – Pork & Fennel

Gourmet Sausages – Lamb & Rosemary

Gourmet Sausages – Beef & Caramelised Onion


Add-on Premium Meats

Add-on Premium Meats

(extra cost per platter)


Slow Roasted Scotch Fillet Beef
3 hours slow roasted carved to perfection

Pulled Pork
Slow cooked Shoulder with onions

Pork Belly
BBQ’d orange & sticky star anise sauce

Herb Rolled Lamb Leg
3 hours slow roasted, carved to perfection

Tasmanian Salmon Fillets
Baked with citrus & dill




All Gluten Free & Vegetarian, unless stated.


Starch Salads

roasted root vegetables tossed with rocket & balsamic vinaigrette

roasted Moroccan pumpkin & chickpea salad, red peppers, mint, spinach & lemon

Organic quinoa, red chard, roasted beetroot, shaved almonds & Yarra Valley Persian fetta

chat potatoes tossed in garlic egg aioli, capers, spring onion & whole eggs

smoked salmon & pea pasta orecchiette salad, lime aioli & chives (not V)

tomato, bocconcini, basil pesto cream, rocket & penne pasta salad (not GF)

Thai vermicelli noodle salad of peppers, carrots and coriander, mint & lime dressing


Leafy Salads

Going Gourmet herbed green salad, selection of vinaigrettes

chef’s caesar salad, bacon, croutons, eggs, & creamy parmesan mayo not (not GF) (not V)

Vietnamese salad of peppers, carrots, cabbage and coriander, mint & lime dressing

roasted beetroot, Danish fetta & green beans & rocket leaves, dressed with balsamic

char-grilled vegetables, grilled Cypriot haloumi, rocket & basil pesto


Hot Side Selection

roasted root vegetables, red peppers, tossed with garlic, rosemary & thyme

roasted chat potatoes with confit garlic, rosemary & Maldon sea salts

potato puree, silky smooth mashed potatoes with cream & butter

steamed greens tossed with butter & sea salt





Apple sauce

Tomato ketchup

Cranberry sauce

Chef’s spiced chutney

French dijon mustard

French seeded mustard

Garlic aioli

Garlic butter

Garlic cream

Mint jelly

Red wine jus

Peppercorn sauce

Blue cheese cream sauce

Mushroom sauce

Real aussie gravy

Cranberry gravy


Looking for mixed Platters &/or Desserts?

Please see https://www.goinggourmet.com.au/platters/ for a list of platters and links to our online store for delivery only products.