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Buffet vs. Sit-Down Reception

Are you finding it hard deciding whether to have a buffet or a sit-down meal for your reception? While it can be tricky, both options can work out well, depending on your needs or preferences. Here we explore the pros and cons of each to help you make the best decision.
Buffet Reception

If you wish to have a more casual reception where guests can mingle to a greater extent, a buffet would be a suitable option. It can create a more festive and memorable atmosphere. Guests can always go for a second helping too, if they like a particular selection.
This option can also save costs if you are budget conscious, as guests would serve themselves along set food stations and would require fewer catering staff.
In addition, it becomes easier to provide guests a wider range of food items to choose from. If you are worried about guests with allergies, particular preferences or dietary restrictions, a buffet can offer a practical solution.

There’s a risk of long serving queues, resulting in delays that may ultimately diminish your guests’ enjoyment of the event. However, you can offset this by having more food stations.
Guests also tend to serve themselves more food in a buffet, and you may therefore need to factor this in your budget.
Moreover, having guests carry platefuls of food around isn’t fancy, and, in the worst case scenario, can result in one or two messy and embarrassing incidents.
Sit-Down Reception

This is a suitable option if you wish for a more traditional and formal event. It is also more stylish, allowing guests to be served while seated and thus minimising movement, queues, and delays.
Since there is minimum movement, a three-course meal can easily be served in tandem with your reception’s programme. Spreading out a meal this way would make your event more organized and maintain interest throughout.

This option isn’t suitable if you wish to keep costs down. It requires more catering staff to serve guests at their tables, which would push your catering bill up.
The menu at a sit-down reception is also limited. Guests who may have special preferences or restrictions may therefore be inconvenienced, making the event less memorable for them.
Furthermore, there’s always the risk of wastage when guests are served set quantities of food. On the other hand, some guests may wish for a second helping, which can be tricky to accommodate with this option.
Both Can Work

We hope to have made it easier to decide, but ultimately, both options can work well. Before making the final decision, it’s best to discuss themes, styles, costs, and your preferences with your catering company. Contact us here to discuss your options for outstanding catering services in Melbourne.